27 February 2018 | Learn, Unlearn, Relearn | MIT Global Innovators by MIT Bootcamps

Feb 27, 2018 12:00 - 13:00 EST
Have you been thinking about how to innovate? Here's an E-Seminar to help you get inspired.
  • February 27, 12.00 PM ET - Learn, Unlearn, Relearn  |  Register

February 27, 12.00 PM ET - LEARN, UNLEARN, RELEARN
In this episode, we’ll hear from Carlos, Frank and Lauren, co-founders at Xelpha Health. The team will discuss how they have handled uncertainty in the launch of their healthcare startup within the unpredictable and constantly evolving environment of entrepreneurship, both personally and professionally. #healthcare #innovation #startups


Learn, Unlearn, Relearn
February 27, 12.00 PM ET


About the E-Seminars series
MIT Global Innovators is a brand new E-Learning seminar series that features MIT-trained entrepreneurs, innovators, and changemakers who are solving challenges through new venture creation and corporate innovation initiatives.

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