MIT Bootcamps Program | Learning Entrepreneurship with MIT’s Erdin Beshimov

May 30, 2018 13:00 - 14:00 BST

Dear EMERITUS Network Participants,

For all of you budding entrepreneurs, 'Learn Entrepreneurship with Professor Erdin Beshimov' - Lecturer at MIT and Founder & Director of the MIT Bootcamps Program; MIT Open Learning Lecturer.

Join him for a complimentary webinar, 'Going from Idea to Start-up in 8 Weeks

Date: 30 May 2018
Time: 13.00 hrs (GMT) / 18.30 hrs (India)
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Entrepreneurs: Learn What It Takes
Innovation doesn't grow in the comfort zone. It takes courage to breathe life into a new idea. But there's a common belief that entrepreneurs are born, not made. At Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), we know that this is a myth. MIT graduates have started over 33,000 active companies that generate over $1.2 trillion in annual revenue and employ over 3.3 million people, making MIT the 10th largest economy in the world. And in just three years of the residential MIT Bootcamps, its graduates have raised over $70 million in funding for ventures incubated in the Bootcamps. Entrepreneurship can be taught. The journey starts with knowledge, not genetics. So in this online Bootcamp you will develop a systematic toolkit for venture creation and gain a disciplined mindset of the successful entrepreneur.

About the Speaker:
Professor Beshimov is a Founder of the MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp and Lecturer in MIT's online courses "You Can Innovate: User Innovation & Entrepreneurship", "Entrepreneurship 101: Who Is Your Customer?", "Entrepreneurship 102: What Can You Do For Your Customer", and "Entrepreneurship 103: Show Me The Money." For his work in entrepreneurship and contributions to student life at MIT, Erdin was awarded the Patrick J. McGovern Entrepreneurship Award, the Carol and Howard Anderson Fellowship, and the MIT Sloan Peer Recognition Award.

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